perjantai 28. kesäkuuta 2013

Kevään satoa

Puoli vuotta meni näköjään aika hujauksessa. "Oikeita töitä" on tullut taas tehtyä ihan riittävästi, ompeluun on jäänyt turhan vähän aikaa. Jotain olen sentään saanut aikaan:

The photo is the worst possible (sorry)... this is a cover for a Kinderpack. The visible side is Oscha SN Vespers and the other side is Didymos Indio Gold-Rubin. 

Here is a Ring Tai made for an Australian mama. The wrap is Didymos Natural Hemp Indio grad dyed (not by me).  It has a ring waist, the first one I ever made. Nice and soft, also good for teddybear-wearing ;-)

Here is a wrap tai made with Natibaby Linden dyed blue. My stormy wrap which I never used.  I had to use a bit of black linen, as the wrap was a bit short for a full WC.

My latest DIY woven on the loom...

...and in action. The warp is natural white cotton and the weft is wool/silk blend (TeeTee Elegant). I was really in a hurry to weave this one , I only had 2 days to make it. I would have loved to make a more complex pattern to it, but because the lack of time I had to make it as quick as possible. It became quite nice anyways :-)

Dyed Natibaby silk swallows and black linen (MT)

MT with black linen and Didymos Indio Flamenco. Someone got in a hurry to send this one and forgot to take pictures of the finished product...

A Ring Tai with Natibaby linen grey/black swallows. The same happened to this one as to the  Flamenco MT, sorry for the lousy photo.

Three pics of Ring Tai also with Nati swallows. The straps, other side of the panel and sleep hood is made with the "wrong" side facing out. This one has a ring waist band. 
This is the first SSC I have made for over a year. I made it for a little girl who got very sick, and I hope this will help the family a bit. It's a shared project with another babywearing mama, who donated the piece of Nati Africa for this SSC. We thought it would be nice for someone not that into babywearing (yet): subtle enough, but something nice for the child as well.

This is what I have managed to make during the last 6 months. My real job steals far too much time from sewing... it's a good thing I love my real job as well though :-) I also managed to pass the major exam for my work in February, so it wasn't really a bad first half of this year, even though the amount of conversions is embarrassingly low. I'm pretty sure there's something missing here, I will add the photo's when I find them!

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